The Short Years Project was founded by Susanne Remic and Jenny Hicken, who became friends after finding each other online following their difficult pregnancy and birth experiences. After discovering a shared passion for supporting other women who may be going through something similar, they began working together on the Maternity Matters project, which Susanne had co-founded in 2011.

Both Susanne and Jenny were shortlisted for the Mum’s Voice Award at the 2016 Tommy’s Awards, in recognition of sharing their personal experiences to help other mums going through similar difficulties.

In 2017, Susanne and Jenny increasingly felt that there was more they could do to actively support women and their families and established The Short Years Project as a means to develop some practical initiatives to tackle some very real issues affecting parents across the country.


Susanne lives in Manchester and is co-director of Social Sparkle, a social media marketing network,  working freelance on several projects within the parenting and wellbeing industry. She is a multi award nominated blogger- writing at Ghostwritermummy and The Nurture Pages– and an established copywriter. Susanne is a trained primary school teacher, a busy mum to four and has written about her maternity experiences, raising awareness of and campaigning for maternal mental health, as well as founding the IUGR Support Group UK on Facebook.

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Jenny lives in Newcastle upon Tyne and is a full-time working mum (with a day job in the NHS) to two lively boys aged 7 and 2. She is a qualified Perinatal Educator with The Daisy Foundation, teaching both antenatal and postnatal classes, and is passionate about supporting women along their journey through motherhood. She is a trustee of the pregnancy charity MAMA Academy and she has a special interest in preventing baby loss and supporting ‘rainbow’ pregnancies. She is committed to raising awareness of pregnancy complications (having developed pre-eclampsia in her first pregnancy), and maternal mental health issues.

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