Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards

Sometimes (ok, all the time) it feels as if there are barely enough hours in the day to eat, maintain some level of parenting competence, and get enough sleep to do it all again tomorrow. With the very best of intentions to change the world, even the best of us struggle to keep as many balls in the air as we (and the majority of other parents) do.

And it’s frustrating as hell. When you can’t fall asleep at night without your mind whirring with amazing ideas you want to put into practice but can never squeeze into those waking hours to bring them to fruition, your brain feels as if it’s on a treadmill, forever plodding towards a destination it seems you will never reach.

Such is the curse of anyone who has ever tried to start a business, or run a blog, or create something incredible for women just like them who could benefit so much if only you could actually make it happen. The summer holidays drag on for those who crave those precious schooltime hours to have uninterrupted laptop time, the demands of bouncing children draining our creative resources as well as energy.

But there is light at the end of it all. The nagging desire to lay weariness and excuses aside and make the time for what is ultimately a total passion project, but which we know could help so many.

So here we are. September is upon us, bringing what feels like a new start and a raft of ambitious plans for making our project what we always wanted it to be. A place to support, empower and inspire women just like us, who have been through it all, and those who are just starting their journey into motherhood. A social community where all are welcome, no matter what their experience. And a way to maybe slow those cogs down just a little bit at night, even if there are no more hours in the day.

Welcome to The Short Years Project.


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